Thursday, October 13, 2016

Module 4

Three technology tools that I used in this lesson was Prezi, Youtube, and Slideshare. I would most definitely implement these tools into my classroom because Youtube has many useful videos that I can incorporate into my lessons. Youtube has it's ups and downs but they help both the teacher and the student. Only problem I have with Youtube is that some students may get distracted and look up non-educational themes that are not related to what we are doing in class. Most schools now have a lot of stuff blocked. Prezi was all good to me. I like the idea of Prezi. It's more useful and has many more tools to be used rather than creating a basic PowerPoint presentation. I plan to teach upper elementary grades so I feel they could most definitely handle this. It was easy to maneuver once I understood what was going on. It had a little difficulty but I managed. Before an actual project is given on this site, I would have a day where we just work through and see how it works. Slideshare on the other hand was something I didn't like. It was hard to understand or maybe it was just me. I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted it to. I would not use this in my classroom because of it's level of difficulty. If the teacher (myself) couldn't understand it, I know that elementary students couldn't understand it. But I eventually understood it but I still didn't like it.