Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blog 6


Google Drive, Dropbox, and Facetime are tools used in this module. Google Drive and Dropbox are storage files that can be used to store test files and notes for the students. Once again, the problem could be the use of a device to do these files if the computer lab at the school isn't available. Facetime is something that I wouldn't utilize in my classroom but it would be fun for personal use. It would be a problem because everyone doesn't have an apple product to use because a lot of people have androids.

Blog 2

Diigo, Pixton, and Twitter were the technological tools used in this unit of study. Diigo can be utilized as a venture into looking at websites for the studies of my classroom.In an elementary school, it might be hard for students to navigate through the site. Pixton can be used as an animation tool to engage students more and be more creative. It can be difficult because all students might not learn this type of way, it depends on their learning style. Twitter can be used in my classroom by a "social media project". I can do a class discussion in a more technological way through Twitter. Students can post to a discussion that I have started. This may become a problem by all students not having a phone or device to work off of. 

Blog 5

Poll Everywhere, Wikispaces, and Bubbl.us were technological tools observed within this module.  I would use Poll Everywhere in my classroom by letting students take a poll on what type of learning style they would like to learn for the week. A difficulty in Poll Everywhere would be the disablement of all students having a technology tool to vote on . Wikispaces could be used as a study tool for my classroom by the teacher creating a learn free environment for students to study material on. Wikispaces could cause a little trouble for students who tend to get distracted easily because they might start doing other things. Bubbl.us is a great brainstorming tool for my students.The difficulty with this technology tool  would be that it cost after a certain amount of usage and all students wouldn't be able to pay for it unless the school pays for it. 

Blog 3

Photopeach is a site that creates a free slideshow with photos, music, and captions. Photopeach gives a more broadened way to create creative presentations for students.If the Photopeach doesn't work, I could have the quiz already made out in handouts for my students. Voki gives a more student created effect. I believe this will help my classroom because it lets the students be their own person. Although, Voki may be a little difficult for elementary students, I can still utilize it at the beginning of the school year. That would be my only problem. TeacherTube was pretty awesome. This site will help me create lesson plans through videos but at times the site might be down, so a back up plan is needed for my lesson. These sites are useful for new teachers in a new technological area.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Module 4

Three technology tools that I used in this lesson was Prezi, Youtube, and Slideshare. I would most definitely implement these tools into my classroom because Youtube has many useful videos that I can incorporate into my lessons. Youtube has it's ups and downs but they help both the teacher and the student. Only problem I have with Youtube is that some students may get distracted and look up non-educational themes that are not related to what we are doing in class. Most schools now have a lot of stuff blocked. Prezi was all good to me. I like the idea of Prezi. It's more useful and has many more tools to be used rather than creating a basic PowerPoint presentation. I plan to teach upper elementary grades so I feel they could most definitely handle this. It was easy to maneuver once I understood what was going on. It had a little difficulty but I managed. Before an actual project is given on this site, I would have a day where we just work through and see how it works. Slideshare on the other hand was something I didn't like. It was hard to understand or maybe it was just me. I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted it to. I would not use this in my classroom because of it's level of difficulty. If the teacher (myself) couldn't understand it, I know that elementary students couldn't understand it. But I eventually understood it but I still didn't like it.