Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blog 5

Poll Everywhere, Wikispaces, and Bubbl.us were technological tools observed within this module.  I would use Poll Everywhere in my classroom by letting students take a poll on what type of learning style they would like to learn for the week. A difficulty in Poll Everywhere would be the disablement of all students having a technology tool to vote on . Wikispaces could be used as a study tool for my classroom by the teacher creating a learn free environment for students to study material on. Wikispaces could cause a little trouble for students who tend to get distracted easily because they might start doing other things. Bubbl.us is a great brainstorming tool for my students.The difficulty with this technology tool  would be that it cost after a certain amount of usage and all students wouldn't be able to pay for it unless the school pays for it. 

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